My Hair Care Routine 1

My Hair Care Routine I’ve always had long hair and for some they believe with that comes a lot of hassle in looking after it, but My Hair Care Routine is incredibly simple and fuss free. Here are the steps I follow to keeping my hair looking healthy and manageable…

100 Day Spending Ban Week 1 And 2 Update

100 Day Spending Ban Week 1 And 2 Update Hi everyone, hope you’re well and having a good weekend! So I kind of missed the first update of my spending ban progress last week as my life was a little hectic, so I’ve decided to combine last week and this week’s updates so today’s post is: 100 Day Spending Ban Week 1 And 2 Update!

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick Review 5

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick Review I’ve been on the look out for a long wearing red lipstick for a while and after much research and some umming and ahhing, I thought I’d give the MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick a whirl!

Hong Kong Haul 1

Hong Kong Haul At the beginning of January I went on holiday to Hong Kong for 2 weeks. As I mentioned in my previous posts about Hong Kong, it really is a shopping Mecca but this time I surprised myself by not buying as much as I thought I would! However I couldn’t come home completely empty handed so this is what I did pick up while I was out there…

100 Day Spending Ban

100 Day Spending Ban Happy Chinese New Year everyone! As it’s the start of a new month (and technically new year) I thought I would set myself the challenge of participating in a 100 Day Spending Ban.

hello-again (1)

Hello Again… Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged regularly so I thought I’d just take this opportunity to say hello and also reintroduce myself to blogging again.