Winter Skin Care Saviours It’s January, it’s winter, and in recent weeks I’ve really had to up my skin care game because it’s been PRETTY COLD! My skin care doesn’t change too often, but in winter it definitely takes a complete overhaul in order to battle the harsh weather so these products are definitely my Winter Skin Care Saviours.

Makeup Favourites 2014 As it’s the beginning of a new year, it’s the perfect time to round up those beauty favourites of mine and see what products I’ve loved the most throughout 2014. This post will be in two parts, one for makeup and the other for skincare but first let’s start with my Makeup Favourites 2014!

Current Favourites #1 I’ve attempted to commit to ‘Monthly Favourites’ posts in the past, but honestly, my favourites don’t change all that often so I’ve decided on doing ‘Current Favourites’ instead. These posts will feature products (beauty or non beauty) which I’m currently loving and as and when I’ve got new products to share my love for, I’ll feature them in the next post! So here’s my Current Favourites #1.

June, July and August Empties Firstly, apologies that this empties post is so late and a little bit lacking! I’ve made it a collective post as disappointingly I’ve used up hardly any products. I know previously while I was on my spending ban I did end up finishing a lot more products than normal, but I can’t think why I would’ve used less these past few months as I haven’t really bought anything new. I’m assuming it must mean that I’ve been… Read more »

May Empties So here we are again at the beginning of a new month. May seems to have flown by the quickest and I can’t believe now it’s June we’re half way through the year! Scary thoughts aside as it has been the end of a month that means new empties, so here are my May Empties.

April Empties Well it seems like only yesterday that I did my March Empties post, but believe it or not it’s already May (seriously, where did the time go?) Anyway as it is a new month that comes with more empties, so here’s my April Empties post!

March Empties I can’t believe we’re already into the second week of April, where did March actually go? Well despite it being a new month, here’s a selection of products which I managed to use up from my stash last month in this March Empties post. Better late than never. 🙂

February Empties Sooo I’m officially 1 month into my 100 Day Spending Ban *virtual high 5*! Now I’m not going to lie, it’s definitely been a challenge (as you will have seen from last week’s update) but nonetheless a good thing because I’m finally getting through my stash of products. Read on to find out what I finished up in my February Empties!