Aerial view of lobster and noodles, duck fried rice and vegetables

Plum Valley Restaurant Review When people think of Chinese food, one of the most popular misconceptions is that it’s a fast food style environment where food looks more rustic rather than refined. However if you know where to go, Chinese food can be elegant, vibrant and full of flavour – Plum Valley certainly elevates their cuisine to this level.

The Gift Of Giving Today is the 2nd of December and it is officially Christmas season! With only 23 days to go until the big day, you’re probably thinking about presents now (unless you’re super organised and got all your gifts on Black Friday last week). Every year I find it gets harder to decide what to get people for Christmas, but with DIY and crafting becoming more and more popular it gives you the opportunity to create a truly unique gift for your… Read more »

Viet Food Restaurant Review I know my blog has always been about beauty, but lately I’ve been feeling inspired to branch out and incorporate dfiferent types of content including food and drink reviews (which you may have already seen from my Happy Lemon review here). I enjoy sampling food from all over the world and this review takes us to a bustling Vietnamese restaurant by the name of Viet Food.

Happy Lemon Review One of my favourite drinks (aside from a good old cuppa) has got to be bubble tea. Whilst it is a popular treat in Asia, bubble teas used to be hard to get hold of here in the UK. However in recent years it’s definitely become a lot easier with stores such as Happy Lemon popping up, allowing me to evoke those sweet holiday memories right in the heart of London’s Chinatown.

Happy New Year 2016 Happy new year everyone and welcome back to my blog. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and fabulous New Year with family and friends!

10 Things I’ve Learnt Since Commuting Oh hey there, me again! Long time no blog… Sorry about that! Life and work pretty much took over and you know what else, my evenings are a lot shorter now because I’ve been having to commute to work. It’s always been easy for me to get to work so I didn’t realise how much time I would lose through commuting but I’ve picked up some tips to make it easier.

New Hair, Don’t Care And Quick Life Update Hi everyone, I hope you’ve all been well? Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted on my blog. Life’s been busy and I’m still trying to catch up. Also if I’m being honest I may’ve temporarily lost my blogging mojo hence the lack of posts. HOWEVER after a break and a new haircut (read on to see what it looks like!) I’m happy to be back! 🙂

Chinese New Year 2015 Happy Chinese New Year everyone or in Cantonese we say “Kung Hei Fat Choi”! It’s a new year, new zodiac sign and 2015 is the year of the sheep/goat. I don’t blog often about my culture but as it’s Chinese New Year (the official day was19th Feb 2015) I thought it’d be nice to share some typical CNY traditions!

New Year’s Resolutions 2015 Happy New Year everyone! Did we just say goodbye to yet another year? Honestly where does the time go. I didn’t do a resolutions post for 2014, but looking back at 2013’s resolutions I feel like I tried to achieve all of the goals I had set. However in 2015 I have new(ish) resolutions, so here goes…

Strolling Around Southbank Market Being in London, you’re never short of things to do because let’s face it, things are always going on in the capital! However while it’s nice to feel the buzz of the city, sometimes what I like best is to just take a nice leisurely stroll, soak up the sights and wander through a market.