Fuji Film Instax Mini 8 Camera Review I’d been thinking about buying an instant camera for the longest time but it was just one of those purchases that I’d been umming and ahhing over because I wasn’t sure if I would get enough use out of it. However during my last trip to Hong Kong I took the plunge and came home with the Fuji Film Instax Mini 8 Camera in blue.

Hong Kong 2013 Part 3 4

Hong Kong 2013 Part 3 Ok, so we’re finally on to part 3 of my Hong Kong trip! I took a lot more photos than I anticipated but I whittled it down to the nicest ones to share with you guys! 🙂 This post is really just on FOOD.

Hong Kong 2013 Part 2 9

Hong Kong 2013 Part 2 As you can probably guess from the title, this is the second instalment of my Hong Kong 2013 trip! 🙂 this is again rather pic heavy but I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Hong Kong 2013 Part 1 3

Hong Kong 2013 Part 1 If you follow me of Twitter you’ll know that I’ve recently been on holiday in Hong Kong so apologies for the inconsistency with my posts! 2 and a half weeks later though I’m back in the UK and ready to get back into the swing of things. To get my routine rolling again I’m going to start by blogging about my holiday and sharing with you some photos! 🙂 It’s a little pic heavy though,… Read more »

Brick Lane Food Snaps 1

Brick Lane Food Snaps Aside from my love of beauty related things, my second great love is FOOD. This post is a bit belated but I just wanted to share some pics that I took at Brick Lane Market last Sunday. As a food lover, Brick Lane is my idea of Food Heaven. A vast choice of worldwide cuisines right on your doorstep, it doesn’t get much better than that!

Week In Instagrams 6

Week In Instagrams 6 It’s been a few weeks since I last did an Instagram post, I certainly have my quiet moments when it comes to taking photos! However I did manage to take a few pics this week and thought I’d share them with you! I really must remember to use Instagram more 🙂

My Week in Instagrams 5

Week In Instagrams 5 I’ve been a little quiet again on the ol’ photography front this week, but I managed to get a few snaps in here are there! I’ve noticed a lot recently that a lot of my Instagrams do involve food, but rest assured I do like to enjoy other things – food just seems to play a big part in my life. 😛 Hope you enjoy the photos!

Week In Instagrams 4

Week In Instagrams 4 Hello there! I’ve been a bit quiet with my Instagram posts lately as I’ve not been snapping away as much as normal. However I’ve managed to take a fair number of photos this week so thought I’d showcase them to you all. 🙂 The photos this week were taken mostly in London as I was here for a long weekend, and also the Kanye West and Jay Z – Watch The Throne concert! EEEK 😀


Week In Instagrams 3 Hello! How are you all? I hope you’re having a good weekend (even though the weather has been atrocious!). I had a quiet one this weekend as I’m trying to recover from a hideous cold that I caught last week. Seems like I am getting better though as I can actually breathe through my nose again, yay! My week in Instagrams this week are just photos which I snapped here and there whilst at home! 🙂

Week In Instagrams 1

Week In Instagrams 2 Hi lovelies! How is everyone? Hope you all had a great weekend! Did anyone else find it went quickly though? I can’t believe it’s Monday already tomorrow, eep! Today’s post is summing up my week in Instagams! 🙂