Lucido L Hair Wax Review

I’m a bit hit and miss when it comes to using hair wax. Sometimes it’s the only thing I’ll use to style my hair and other times I like to use sea salt or other texturising sprays. After getting my hair cut a few months ago and having a few fresh layers to play with, the hairdresser recommended that I use a little wax to style so I ended up buying the Lucido L Hair Wax.


Lucido L Hair Wax Review 1

Visually the packaging is really appealing to me! The styling wax is encased in a cute, pink, button sized tub which makes for the perfect travelling companion. The scent reminds me of apples which is fresh and light, so my hair smells a treat whenever I use it.

To style my hair I normally use a blob of wax, rub together in my hands then tease my roots a little to boost volume and scrunch the ends for texture. In comparison to other waxes/clays I’ve used in the past, the hold of the Lucido L Hair Wax isn’t great, but after doing a bit of homework I realised that this ‘Airy Wax’ is actually for short/bob hair cuts! Ooops.. I generally do my homework before I buy a product, but it was a purchase I made on a whim so these things do happen!

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Lucido L Hair Wax Review 3

I bought the Lucido L Hair Wax from a store called Colormix in Hong Kong for around $42 HKD (approx £3.53) which is very reasonable. I’ll definitely keep on using it for a while, just because it looks and smells nice so I won’t be buying any new styling wax anytime soon!

Do you use styling wax in your hair? What are your fave hair products of the moment?

Love Sophia xo

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