Old Wives Tail SOS Organic Anti Hair Loss Treatment Review*

After dyeing my hair a few times and having a digital perm I do worry about what the effects are and what damage I’ve caused it. These days I take extra care and do what I can to try and keep my hair healthy. I often treat my locks to conditioning hair masks like the Essential Rich Premier Ultra Honey Hair Mask, but a product I’ve never tried is an anti hair loss one such as the Old Wives Tail SOS Organic Anti Hair Loss Treatment*.

Old Wives Tail Organic Hair Treatment Review 1

Alongside hair masks I’m also used to using Argan or Moroccaoil in my hair, but this is the first time I’ve actually tried hair treatment oil so I was intrigued when I received this to review.

The Old Wives Tail SOS Organic Anti Hair Loss Treatment* is “100% organic and contains natural anti-bacterial agents that sooth and heal scalp infections and remove dead skin cells.”

Old Wives Tail Organic Hair Treatment Review 2

To use: Massage deeply into the scalp, focusing in particular on the dry areas. They then advise you to smooth over the rest of your hair to strengthen each and every strand from root to tip. Leave on for 1 hour then rinse thoroughly with shampoo. Use a small amount of conditioner on the ends of your hair, finally rinse well and style as normal.

They say for best results you should leave the oil in your hair overnight, wrapped up in a towel but as I’m not keen on the idea of having products in my hair overnight, I haven’t managed to do this step yet.

After a couple of uses I have noticed that my hair feels healthier, but I can’t say I’ve noticed much difference in terms hair loss prevention, mainly because I do still (luckily) have quite a lot of hair! Nonetheless it’s a good treatment to use even just for replenishing hair’s moisture and giving it a nice shine.

The Old Wives Tail SOS Organic Anti Hair Loss Treatment* normally retails for £13.99 but is currently on offer for just £9.99 online. If anti hair loss isn’t a concern, there are other products from the range which might be better suited e.g. Melado Organic Hair Growth Oil Treatment, Argan & Rosemary Organic Oil Treatment or Jojoba & Clove Organic Oil Treatment.

What are your tips for keeping hair healthy?

Love Sophia xo

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