MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick Review

I’ve been on the look out for a long wearing red lipstick for a while and after much research and some umming and ahhing, I thought I’d give the MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick a whirl!

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The MAC Ruby Woo lipstick is a retro red matte lipstick. It is an intensely dry formula so you have to make sure you condition your lips with some balm before trying to apply otherwise you’ll soon notice how difficult that task is! Also it would be recommended to exfoliate your lips beforehand to remove any dry patches and peeling skin because Ruby Woo can be quite unforgiving.

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Despite the dryness, I love Ruby Woo for the colour intensity and the fact that it’s so long wearing! Smudging is extremely minimal and most days I can get away with only applying once and not having to reapply later.

When trying Ruby Woo in the MAC store I was recommended to pair it up with a lip pencil in the shade Cherry for the ultimate finish, but I personally think it’s fine without.

MAC Ruby Woo lipstick as well as all other MAC lipsticks are priced at £15. Twice the price of high street prices, but for me always money well spent!

Have you tried MAC Ruby Woo lipstick?

Love Sophia xo

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