Nail Of The Day: Nails Inc Savile Row Nail Polish

Hi lovelies!

Happy Wednesday! Are you all looking forward to the weekend again? It feels lovely to have had a 4 day week this week ūüôā

So today I’m sharing with you my Nail Of The Day featuring Nails Inc Savile Row nail polish!

Nails Inc Savile Row Nail Polish 1

I actually got this nail polish as a free gift with December 2010’s issue of Glamour so it’s a little old, but it’s kept¬†surprisingly¬†well! I love it when Glamour have these amazing free gifts because you get the full 10ml sized polish for ¬£2 instead of the usual price of ¬£11! There’s normally 3 or 4 colours to choose from so it’s well worth purchasing several magazines just to collect them all. ūüôā Having used lighter shades of nail polish these past few weeks I thought I’d switch it up and go for a darker shade.

The colour ‘Savile Row’ is a gorgeous rich plum/grape shade and is not actually a colour I would normally reach for. As with most things though, you should try it at least once so I took the plunge and didn’t regret it!

Nails Inc Savile Row Nail Polish 2

The quality of the lacquer is really good in my opinion, quite dense and not too runny! ¬†After applying a base coat and 1 coat of Savile Row my nails are well covered and I almost didn’t need a second coat!

Nails Inc Savile Row Nail Polish 4(after base coat and 1 coat of Savile Row)

The brush is sturdy, but for some reason I don’t find it very easy to¬†manoeuvre¬†up to the beds of my cuticles. Other than that though it picks up a lot of colour and you can cover your nail in a few swipes.

Nails Inc Savile Row Nail Polish 3

I like these Nails Inc polishes, but had it not been included as part of the Glamour magazine I’m not sure how inclined I would be to purchase these nail polishes on a regular basis. ¬£11 is quite steep, especially since brands such as Models Own, Barry M and Rimmel have fabulous offerings for only ¬£5 each! It would be nice to buy if you were looking to splurge, but for me I think I’ll stick to my usual.

Nails Inc Savile Row Nail Polish 5(no flash)

Nails Inc Savile Row Nail Polish 6(with flash)

Do you own any Nails Inc polishes? What do you think about them?

Love Sophia xo


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