Nail Of The Day: Revlon Minted Nail Polish

Hi everyone!

I’ve got another NOTD for you all 🙂 Today’s NOTD post features the Revlon Minted Nail Polish. 

NOTD - Revlon Minted Nail Polish 1

Since spring is in full swing, I’m opting to wear more pastel colours, including on my nails! There’s just something about pastel colours that make me feel all calm and relaxed 🙂 I recently took advantage of Boot’s 2 for £10 offer across their range of products and picked up this Revlon Minted Nail Polish. Minty green is another one of my favourite colours, so I snapped it up right away!

NOTD - Revlon Minted Nail Polish 2

NOTD - Revlon Minted Nail Polish 3

I’ve never owned a nail polish by Revlon before, but I was pleasantly surprised! The lacquer is not too runny and after one coat, it’s a tad patchy but overall it provides a pretty good finish. After the 2nd coat though it’s perfect!

NOTD - Revlon Minted Nail Polish 4

I hadn’t realised the impressive quality of Revlon nail polishes and only wish I’d tried them out sooner 🙂 I’ll definitely be going back for more when I get the chance!

What are your thoughts on Revlon’s nail polish? Have you got a favourite  shade?

Love Sophia xo



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