Hong Kong 2013 Part 3

Ok, so we’re finally on to part 3 of my Hong Kong trip! I took a lot more photos than I anticipated but I whittled it down to the nicest ones to share with you guys! 🙂 This post is really just on FOOD.

If I lived in Hong Kong I would most likely become obese in a matter of months! Hong Kong, to me has the most delicious food and I wanted to eat just about everything! One of my favourite foods though is congee (pic directly below) which is rice porridge. Although it may look plain, it actually had pork and 1000 year old egg (preserved egg) in it, yum! You can eat it with pretty much whatever you want as it usually goes with, well everything!

I also love hot pot which is where you get literally, a pot, and fill it with flavoured soup and you can cook meat, fish, veg etc in it! You can get hot pot places in the UK too, most likely in and around China Town if you’ve one near by!

Snacks and desserts are plentiful in HK and there were a lot of Japanese and Korean imported foods too. HEAVEN! I only wish I could have brought more stuff back, but luggage restrictions are a pain *sigh*. There were also lots of street stalls that sold various snacks such as fish balls (like fish meat balls), noodles, tofu etc and they’re normally reasonably priced. Great for refuelling when you’re on the go!

Hong Kong 2013 Part 3 1

Hong Kong 2013 Part 3 2

Hong Kong 2013 Part 3 3

Hong Kong 2013 Part 3 4

Hong Kong 2013 Part 3 5

Hong Kong 2013 Part 3 6

Hong Kong 2013 Part 3 7

Hong Kong 2013 Part 3 8

Hong Kong 2013 Part 3 9

Hong Kong 2013 Part 3 10

I also drank a lot of soy green lattes and various other caffeine concoctions! I love the extra detail that was put into making them. 🙂Hong Kong 2013 Part 3 11

Hong Kong 2013 Part 3 12

Hong Kong 2013 Part 3 13

Hong Kong 2013 Part 3 15

Well that concludes my Hong Kong adventures for this year! I hope you enjoyed seeing snippets of my holiday. 🙂

Have you been to Hong Kong before? Is anyone planning on going? (Please take me with you, lol!)

If you have any questions about going, please do let me know and I’ll be happy to help in any way I can!

Love Sophia xo

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