Ahava Eye Makeup Remover Review

Being a devote eyeliner and mascara wearer I need a makeup remover which can help me to get it all off swiftly when I need to, which tends to be when I’m tired and trying to get ready for bed! I normally just use my Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm or in more recent days, the Sarah Chapman Ultimate Cleanse balm but one vital product I use now before embarking on a deep cleanse is the Ahava Eye Makeup Remover*.

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The formula for the Ahava Eye Makeup Remover is made up of half water and half oil and you can clearly see the separation between both liquids in the bottle. It’s paraben, fragrance and SLS/SLES free and has been approved for even sensitive skin!

To use I apply a small amount on to a cotton pad (1 or 2 for each eye) and gently wipe off my eye makeup.

Within seconds most of the makeup on my eyes is removed, if not all of it and this is including  waterproof formulas! It doesn’t require me to do any vigorous rubbing and I don’t have to go over the same spot several times like I sometimes have to with makeup wipes. The area around my eyes is left feeling clean and soft, and I don’t experience any cloudy vision (which I have had before with other oil based cleansers). The Ahava Eye Makeup Remover is easily the most fuss free makeup remover that I’ve used in a long time and given how little you have to use, I’ve barely made a dent in the bottle!

Ahava Eye Makeup Remover Review 2

Ahava Eye Makeup Remover Review 3

The Ahava Eye Makeup Remover costs around £14.50 and can be bought from the Ahava website, Beauty Bay or Amazon.

Do you normally use a separate eye makeup remover or do you just stick to one cleanser?

Love Sophia xo

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