Origins Clear Improvement Mask Review

Face masks are still a little new to me. I’ve tried a few over time, but I never really stuck to them in my skincare routine because I didn’t find them necessary. That was until I noticed that blackheads were becoming an issue and I needed a super fix, hence the Origins Clear Improvement Mask!

Origins Clear Improvement Mask 1

Origins Clear Improvement Mask

The Origins Clear Improvement Mask is a White China Clay mask which unclogs pores by drawing out all the dirt and nasties, leaving pores looking squeaky clean!

I’ve never tried a clay mask until now but from what I’d read, clay works quite well for oily and combination skin types. Since mine is typically a combination and I wanted to deeply cleanse my pores, the Origins Clear Improvement Mask presented as the ideal solution, one of which works!

I followed the instructions and proceeded to “open pores with a warm, moist towel and layer on”. I concentrated only on my T-Zone and nose area since this is where I find my skin to be most problematic. During my first application, I did notice a heated, tingly sensation which made me think that this was irritating my face! Although once dry, I rinsed my face thoroughly to remove and found that all was well.

Origins Clear Improvement Mask 3

Origins Clear Improvement Mask

Origins Clear Improvement Mask

I don’t often come across products which give noticeable differences after one use, but I could honestly see an improvement straight away after the first use! After a few more uses the number of blackheads were certainly reduced and my face has been looking clearer!

The Origins Clear Improvement Mask is £20 but this 100ml tube will last you ages! Even after a few weeks the tube looks like I’ve barely used it, simply because you don’t have to use that much.

Have you tried the Origins Clear Improvement Mask? Do you have a favourite mask you like to always use?

Love Sophia xo

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    1. Sophia Post author

      I’ve been trying to convert my boyfriend into using masks, but so far no luck! What masks do you tend to use instead? I still have lots to try! 🙂


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