My Daytime Skin Care Routine

Aerial view of skin care products laid out on a marble slab surrounded by jewellery

When it comes to skin care I like to keep it simple. Even before lockdown I never adopted the infamous 10 step routine (I’m pretty sure it’s actually more now), 5 is more like it in my books, and that’s just for the evening. My daytime skin care routine is even more stripped back with just 3 simple steps: cleanse, serum, moisturise and I’m going to talk you through my process and show you which products I’m currently using!

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My Top 5 Restaurants In London

Classic katsu sandwich served sliced on a plate

Food brings happiness

When I scroll through my photos and remember all the places I’ve been to I have so many good memories. Food brings people together and so many occasions revolve around eating. It brings joy, laughter but above all happiness. Here are some of my top 5 restaurants in London and ones which I’m looking forward to visiting, hopefully soon!

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