Red Or Dead – Interview With Nicola Roberts

Red Or Dead – Interview With Nicola Roberts

Red Or Dead – Interview With Nicola Roberts

Aside from the odd diversion to catch reruns of her favourite show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, singer Nicola Roberts has been a busy girl of late.

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The 26-year-old has finished a final round of promotion surrounding her debut solo album ‘Cinderella’s Eyes’, wrapped filming for ‘Styled to Rock’ (a fashion talent search executive produced by Rihanna), and even found the time to team up with the Sumatran Orangutan Society charity to raise awareness for the endangered primate species.

But fashion is the singer’s ultimate calling this year, with the Runcorn-born star having unveiled the latest instalment of her new make-up range.

“I’m lucky to have been able to apply some of my creativity to fashion,” she begins, “and the experience has certainly opened my eyes to what’s out there.

“I think there are some really important messages coming out of fashion this year. For me, I’m hearing the fact that people know what they like. Fashion is becoming more and more individual these days, which is great. The internet has meant people can really express themselves in different ways, taking influences from anywhere, not just the High Street.”

And the make-up range?

“It has taken up a lot of my time. We’ve been really interested to find out what people want. And at the heart of it is versatility and authority; and that goes for fashion as a whole.

“Before I started working on the brand I had no idea how much thought process went into it. It’s a full-time job in itself. Consumers want to see products and brands constantly evolving and improving.

“I think people are taking back the authority over how they dress and what they wear – that’s why I started up the Dainty Doll make-up range in 2007. We had to breathe new life into what was being offered for girls with pale skin. It’s not an area that has been deemed as important in the past, but surely that makes it all the more important now. That whole idea of style only catering for the masses angered me. We must be past that stage now.

“Obviously, it’s been lots of fun, but one of the most rewarding things has been the feedback we’ve had from women who struggle to find brands that are pale enough for their skin tone.

“It’s the same issue for those who can’t find good sizes or smart fits. Manufacturers are now realising that people know what they want. Consumers are very savvy these days, and they’re not going to settle for anything less than what’s perfect on them. That’s a great thing to see, and the result is great clothes and great accessories.”

So what’s Nicola’s best fashion tip for autumn/winter?

“Dress for the season and wear make-up to match. In the past, I’ve always been really careful about the shades I wear because my pale skin means I don’t have the versatility that some do, but when the mood around you changes you have to go with it. Not only is it fun to adapt your style to your surroundings, but in this country we have to make the most of any opportunities to slip on a new pair of shoes or go for a shorter dress! Sunny days are few and far between, as we know.”

If that sort of spontaneity is the buzzword this year, maybe Nicola can see herself extending the range into the ultimate versatile fashion item – the shoe. Could we see a wedge sandal or trainer range in the offing, perhaps?

“I think I’ve got enough demands on my time as it is with Dainty Doll and the studio!”



  1. 26 April, 2013 / 9:06 am

    Growing up I was always a big fan of Girl’s Aloud – I was quite sad hearing about what happened to them recently, after the Ten: The Hits Tour in March.

    Really happy for the girls and what they’re doing now especially with Sarah and her new album coming up 🙂

    Cheers for the post Sophia!

    • Sophia
      1 May, 2013 / 7:33 pm

      Yeah it was sad to hear that they were going their separate ways, but they’ve all done well with their own indivdual projects which is always nice to see! I’m sure they’ll all be very successful 🙂 x

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