Barry M Lemon Ice Cream Nail Polish Review

Barry M Lemon Ice Cream Nail Polish Review 1

Barry M Lemon Ice Cream Nail Polish Review

I’ve always wanted to wear yellow nail polish, however I was a little apprehensive because my complexion has yellow undertones and I was worried it wouldn’t suit me well. However after much searching and longing I have finally found “The One” and that is Barry M’s Lemon Ice Cream nail polish!

Barry M Lemon Ice Cream Nail Polish Review 1

I’m a big fan of Barry M nail polishes. They’re reasonably priced and always have such an extensive range of colours, from bright neons, eye dazzling shimmers or comforting neutrals!

Lemon Ice Cream is a glossy canary yellow, the same kind of shade as those Skittles sweets and captivated me the moment I saw it! It doesn’t clash with my skin but instead shows up considerably well, giving a burst of noticeable colour.

Barry M Lemon Ice Cream Nail Polish Review 2

Barry M Lemon Ice Cream Nail Polish Review 3

The only gripe that I have ever had with Barry M nail polish is that you have to apply so many layers! To get complete opacity I had to paint at least 3 coats, but it could possibly have been 4. I’m slightly impatient so I generally favour nail polishes which provide good coverage after just 1 coat. At £2.99 per bottle though it’s not really enough for me to go on about, but it just means I allow myself a bit more extra time when painting my nails!

Have you tried wearing yellow nail polish? Are you a fan of Barry M?

Love Sophia xo




  1. Jess
    26 August, 2012 / 8:41 pm

    I bought some of this nail polish a few months ago and I really like it. I find that it dries a bit darker than the colour it is when it’s in the bottle, but that might just seem that way because my skin is pretty pale. I was really worried about actually wearing yellow polish because I tend to wear a lot more subtle shades on my nails, but I like it a lot and I think it’s a really fun colour, especially for the Spring/Summer!

    • Sophia
      27 August, 2012 / 10:23 am

      Yeah I do find sometimes that the colour appears darker compared to the bottle, but could be due to the number of layers you have to apply. What colours do you tend to wear? I normally really love wearing blue on my nails 🙂

    • Sophia
      4 September, 2012 / 6:36 pm

      Ooo I hadn’t thought of that combo! Will have to try it out next time 🙂

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