Elemis SOS Emergency Cream Review

Elemis SOS Emergency Cream Review 1

Elemis SOS Emergency Cream Review

Hi everyone!

First of all I’m sorry I’ve been MIA lately! I’ve had a few things to catch up on this week so I haven’t posted as regularly as I normally would! Never fear though readers, you now have my full undivided attention. šŸ™‚

So today I’m sharing my thoughts on this little gem of a product, which is something I’ve used before (featured in my ‘Winter Skin Care Products’ post) and that is theĀ Elemis SOS Emergency Cream!

Elemis SOS Emergency Cream Review 1

I’m sad to say that my skin and I are not friends right now! Recently it has become very dry and agitated, and I’m still trying to find the cause of the problem. šŸ™ Ā I’ve had to give up on wearing any face products aside from E45 and thisĀ Elemis SOS Emergency Cream.

The Elemis SOS Emergency CreamĀ comes in a slick silver tube with a plastic lid andĀ hygienicĀ pump. It fits easily into my makeup bag and is travel friendly, which is handy during times like these as I can keep it with me at all times!

Elemis SOS Emergency Cream Review 2

The texture of the Elemis SOS Emergency Cream itself is more a thick gel rather than cream – Ā a little goes a very long way! It is quite rich and a little sticky but you do feel a soothing sensation once you’ve applied it!

Elemis SOS Emergency Cream Review 4

Elemis SOS Emergency Cream Review 4

It claims to “provide the most effective solution for stressed, hormonal or irritated skins and to restore the skin’s natural balance.”Ā This is something which I do agree with as I have already noticed my skin has improved significantly from daily use!

The scent of the moisturiser is quite overpowering at first use, but you soon get used to this and it becomes less noticeable! The smell will be due to the selection of interesting ingredients which includes Amino Acids, Lavender Absolute, Willow, Centella Asiatica and Myrrh.

Elemis SOS Emergency Cream Review 5

I use this in the morning and at night after I’ve cleansed my face and apply on the areas which I find particularlyĀ problematic. You can reapply this as often as you need to though!

Overall I’m really impressed with thisĀ Elemis SOS Emergency Cream! I love that it’s relieving the redness and irritation which I’ve been having and at a rapid rate too!

The only tiny problem that I have with it is the lid! It may seem silly to even mention this, but just to let you know it’s not particularly secure and I’ve oftenĀ found it rattling around in my bag. Aside from this though it gets a big thumbs up from me!

Hope you enjoyed my Elemis SOS Emergency Cream Review! šŸ™‚

Elemis SOS Emergency Cream Review 6

Have you tried theĀ Elemis SOS Emergency Cream before? What are your thoughts on Elemis products overall?

Love Sophia xo



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    looks lovely šŸ™‚

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