Hong Kong Haul

Hong Kong Haul

Hong Kong Haul

At the beginning of January I went on holiday to Hong Kong for 2 weeks. As I mentioned in my previous posts about Hong Kong, it really is a shopping Mecca but this time I surprised myself by not buying as much as I thought I would! However I couldn’t come home completely empty handed so this is what I did pick up while I was out there…

Hong Kong Haul 1

Hong Kong Haul 2

Missha Cherry Blossom Fresh Cleaning Oil, Missha Signature BB Cream, Missha BB Boomer

I repurchased my favourite Missha Signature BB Cream and BB Boomer because I was running dangerously low! With the purchase of 2 BB creams I got the Cherry Blossom Cleansing Oil for half price at around $50HKD (approx. £4)

Hong Kong Haul 3

Essential Rich Premier Ultra Honey Hair Mask, Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Treatment Oil Perm

Another product that I had to repurchase was the Essential Rich Premier Ultra Honey Hair Mask because I just LOVE IT! It leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and smelling wonderful. I also got a digital perm when I was out in HK so I bought myself some hair treatment oil to style my hair with as per the hairdresser’s advice.

Hong Kong Haul 4

3Concept Eyes Waterful Concealer, 3 Concept Eyes Lipstick, 3 Concept Eyes Super Slim Pen Eyeliner

3 Concept Eyes is a brand which I’d heard a few things about but because I couldn’t find it in the UK I didn’t pursue my interest further. However as soon as I saw the makeup counter in HK I couldn’t resist picking up some essenials!

Hong Kong Haul 5

Clean & Clear Oil Control Film, Rose De Versailles Eyeliner

I get an oily T-Zone and had been scouring the shops for some affordable oil control film, but couldn’t find anything suitable in the UK. When I saw these Clean & Clear blotting sheets for $12HKD (approx. £1) I instantly picked up 2 to keep the oil at bay for the next couple of months! I cannot be without eyeliner so I picked up this Rose De Versailles Eyeliner as a backup for when I run out.

That’s it for my Hong Kong Haul! As I said I didn’t buy nearly as much as I thought I would and I’m proud at having resisted so well 🙂

Have you tried any of these products?

Love Sophia xo


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