Day Out In London 04/12/11

Day Out In London 1

Day Out In London 04/12/11

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to write a quick post about my day out in London yesterday!

Ok so when I arrived in London I met up with my Auntie and cousin in China Town where we had one of my all time favourite foods, DIM SUM ♥ They’re bite sized pieces of yummy goodness which I love so much! I have to have it everytime I go to London since we don’t have a lot of places to eat round where I live.

Day Out In London 1

Day Out In London 5

After that we attempted to make our way to Oxford Circus but took a detour and ended up in Carnaby St! It’s not somewhere where I go often, if at all BUT I’m so glad we did because it’s a really lovely little area! All the Christmas lights were up and it feels as if you’ve stepped into a completely different place far from the busy high streets of London. It’s quaint and cosy and I loved being there! =) we then found ourselves in Kingly court where we found some really cute vintage boutiques! We also had some late afternoon tea and cake in Camellia’s Tea House which was lush! As well as tea and cake they sell some really interesting blends of tea and tea sets. These would make great Christmas presents if anyone is stuck for ideas!

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After tea we eventually got back on track and headed to Oxford Circus. What was so great about it was that they had closed off the road to traffic along the entire street, so people were able to walk along the roads! This was ideal as since it is the Christmas season the streets are brimming to the full with shoppers, so the extra room to walk always helps!

Day Out In London 6

As it was getting late, we only manage to browse in 2 of the several big department stores along Oxford Circus – House of Fraser and Debenhams. That and because they were having yet another promotion to entice all the Christmas shoppers, we thought we’d sneak a peek! Despite the sales, nothing took my fancy BUT I ended up having my first ever manicure at the Nails Inc nail bar in Debenhams (I actually got 10% off the manicure too because the offer extended across all departments and lines). The nail technician painted my nails a lovely metallic dark blue colour called Kabaret.

Day Out In London 7

You must think me insane for never having a manicure! Honestly though it has never occurred to me how important it is for your nails to have one every now and then! From now on, manicures will definitely be an essential part of my routine!

After having my nails pampered, we looked for somewhere to have some food before I had to make my way home! We went to a Korean restaurant for some Bimibap which is another one of my all time favourite foods. It’s meat, rice and vegetables all rolled in to one with an egg on top! Can’t go wrong with that ♥ After food I said my goodbyes and got the next train home. =(

To sum up I had such a wonderful day, with 2 of my favourite people in the world! I’m so looking forward to them both coming home for Christmas! =)

Hope everyone else has been having an amazing weekend! What did you get up to?

Only 21 days till Christmas! 😀

Love Sophia xo

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