Becca Beach Tint Review

Becca Beach Tint Review 1

Becca Beach Tint Review

Hi everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend! I just can’t believe what great weather we had, I hope you all had some lovely days in the sunshine! 🙂 I also want to apologise for being MIA these past few days! Just had a some things I needed to catch up on. However I’m back now will be blogging more regularly again!

So today’s post I’m going to share with you my Becca Beach Tint Review! I recently received this Becca Beach Tint in February’s Glossybox and if you would like to see what else I got, please click here!

Becca Beach Tint Review 1

I was so excited when I saw this Beach Tint in my Glossybox! I’ve been meaning to try out Becca products for ages, but have never got round to picking anything up..

Becca’s Beach Tint is a ‘Water-Resistant Colour for Cheeks and Lips’. It comes in a small squeezy tube which I like because it’s sanitary, there’s no need to dip your fingers into the product. It’s the perfect size for travelling with and it’s easy to touch up with if required!

Becca Beach Tint Review 2

The colour is a berry pink which looks a bit daunting at first, but once blended in it gives your cheeks a gorgeous, rosy glow! When applied on the lips it has a matt finish and looks equally as fab! I love that the colour looks really natural, as I’m more a fan of ‘barely there makeup’ rather than a fully made up face.

Becca Beach Tint Review 3

Becca Beach Tint Review 4

Becca Beach Tint Review 6

The tint is really simple to apply and for this I prefer to use my fingers for the application. It blends out very easily and you can gradually build up the colour, a little goes a long way! In terms of being ‘Water-Resistant’ I’ll have to keep you updated. 🙂

Another thing I love about this Beach Tint is the SMELL! The scent is watermeleon and reminds me of the summer! ♥

Becca Beach Tint Review 5

Overall I really like Becca’s Beach Tint and this has definitely got me intrigued to experiment with more Becca products! I have seen from other people’s Glossyboxes that they received a lip gloss instead, but I’m glad I got the Beach Tint! 🙂

For those who got this in their February Glossybox, what did you think? Does anyone have much experience with Becca products? What are your favourite buys?

Love Sophia xo

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