Using Contacts With Eye Makeup

Using Contacts With Eye Makeup 2

Using Contacts With Eye Makeup

Every woman has her own individual style but one of the key features which most women will want to show off is her eyes. Eyes are naturally an attractive quality, one of which a person can be instantly drawn to, so we will look for ways to enhance them. Makeup is an obvious choice, but even changes in your style such as switching from glasses to contact lenses can make a huge difference. Whilst glasses are incredibly stylish and a popular accessory, contact lenses give your eyes the chance to shine!

No Hiding Behind Frames

Women who wear glasses will spend equally as much time applying makeup around the eyes so why hide them behind frames? Glasses can easily become a key focal point in your appearance which is inadvertently drawing attention away from the natural beauty of your eyes.

Using Contacts With Eye Makeup 1

Contacts For Extra Emphasis

Contact lenses give ¬†extra emphasis so you can really enhance your makeup. For example, Acuvue contact lenses come in a “define” style that seeks to bring out the brightness and spark in your eyes. Not only do your eyes really stand out, but combined with thoughtful makeup application this can give you a very striking and beautiful appearance.

Using Contacts With Eye Makeup 2

Coloured Contact Potential

If you want to get extra creative, you can also look into coloured contact lenses which of course can dramatically change the appearance of your eyes. You can choose from a range of different shades or colours to suit your mood or even match an outfit! Whilst they can appear artificial, they can also be fun to play with. If you treat coloured contacts like fashion accessories, they can simply give you a number of options to consider as you apply makeup and develop your personal style.

Using Contacts With Eye Makeup 3

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