Laneige Balancing Emulsion Review

Laneige Balancing Emulsion Review 1

Laneige Balancing Emulsion Review

Hello again! Hope everyone’s been having a good week =) I’m currently just chilling at home and thought I would hurry up and get those Laneige posts out! So without further ado, I present to you my Laneige Balancing Emulsion review.

Laneige Balancing Emulsion Review 1

Ok, so the Laneige Balancing Emulsion comes in a slim glass bottle, like that of the Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner. It is a 120ml bottle and despite using this daily since returning from my holiday, I haven’t used all that much! You only really need to use just slightly more than a pea size amount to cover the face and neck area. The emulsion incorporates aspects of Himalaya Snow Water which would explain its light, almost watery consistency.

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Laneige Balancing Emulsion Review 4

It applies smoothly onto the skin and I do find it to be quite hydrating, especially if used in conjunction with the other Laneige products! The Laneige Balancing Emulsion is suitable for ‘dry to combination skin’ which might be why I find it particularly comfortable to use as I have combination skin. Since it is such a light product, I don’t feel that my skin is being ‘over moisturised’ to the point where it feels greasy and sticky. The Laneige Balancing Emulsion has a very faint scent, which almost smells like freshly peeled oranges. However it is not over powering and I find the emulsion to have an almost soothing quality to it.

Packaging wise, it has a pump which dispenses the emulsion from the top of the bottle which is ideal for sanitary reasons. Thumbs up for the packaging! It would be ideal for travelling too had it not been the weight of the glass bottle making it a little heavy to carrying around. This can easily be rectified though by dispensing the product into those travel sized bottles, which these days you can purchase with a pump! I always use the Laneige Balancing Emulsion after I have applied my eye cream as I find it becomes that first protective layer for my skin to rejuvenate and hydrate throughout the day and night.

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My overall verdict is that I’m very happy with the Laneige Balancing Emulsion and will definitely consider repurchasing. Unlike with the Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner, I don’t find this makes my skin additionally greasy so I don’t have to worry about excessive shine on my face. I recently purchased the Biotherm Aquasource Gel which I find works very well with the Laneige Balancing Emulsion! I’ll be reviewing the Biotherm Aquasource Gel soon! I hope you liked my Laneige Balancing Emulsion review! =)

Love Sophia xo

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  1. chrisanya
    1 April, 2012 / 8:14 am

    Hi thanx for d review..definitely will buy it:-)

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