Instagram App Review

Instagram App Review 4

Instagram App Review

Hi!┬áSo this weekend I discovered the iPhone App Instagram, and I must say I am LOVING IT! Here’s a quick Instagram App review for you all to demonstrate its fun qualities!

Instagram App Review 4

The Instagram App is a photo enhancement App and you have the option of taking photos using the ‘share’ icon which is in the shape of a camera! This will allow you to take photos using the iPhone’s 5 mega pixel camera on the back of the phone or you can use the camera on the front which is normally for FaceTime. You can choose from 16 different filters and you can even add a border like you get with those Polaroid Camera photos. It will give your photo that extra ‘pop’ and creates some beautiful artistic looking photos! You also get the option of choosing photos which you already have saved in your photo album, great isn’t it? =)

Once you’ve edited the photo and chosen your favourite effect, you can save this to your Instagram album and it will automatically save a copy to your iPhone photo album. You can upload it to Instagram where other users can see your photos and you can see theirs! You can follow people just like on Twitter and make comments! You can also change the settings on Instagram so it can automatically upload your photo to social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc! Great if you’re on the go and want to share that moment you’ve captured on your phone. It’s a free App so it’s definitely worth trying out!

Here’s a few I did earlier

Instagram App Review 1

Filter: X-Pro II

Instagram App Review 2

Filter: Inkwell

Instagram App Review 3Filter: 1977

I hope you enjoyed my quick Instagram App review and you’ve all been having a splendid weekend!

Love Sophia xo


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