February Empties

February Empties

February Empties

Sooo I’m officially 1 month into my 100 Day Spending Ban *virtual high 5*! Now I’m not going to lie, it’s definitely been a challenge (as you will have seen from last week’s update) but nonetheless a good thing because I’m finally getting through my stash of products. Read on to find out what I finished up in my February Empties!

February Empties 1


I’ve been actively trying to take care of my hair recently and in doing so I’ve managed to finish 2 of my favourite hair products, the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment and Lee Stafford Argan Oil Heat Defence Spray! I also finally finished the Phyto Clarifying Detox Shampoo. I really enjoyed using the Phyto detox shampoo because it just gave my hair such a deep clean, leaving it feeling weightless afterwards but I think it’ll be nice to try something new now so I can compare the results.


I received a trio of The Body Shop Body Butters as a Secret Santa present but it wasn’t until recently that I started to use them more, hence I easily polished off the coconut one. Don’t get me wrong the Shea Butter and Chocolate ones are equally as lovely but the coconut one was just more on hand than the other two.

I sadly finished the Origins Super Spot Remover and with me being on a spending ban I haven’t been able to repurchase it yet! However once the ban is over, I’m headed straight to the Origins counter as I’m finding it hard to be without it. It truly is a HG product and even after using alternatives, nothing can beat Origins.

I received the Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream as a sample from Space NK a while ago. As my skin has been playing up recently this cream has definitely been helping with some of the dry patches, but I think the Elemis SOS Emergency Cream is still the best product for eradicating dryness.

This is my 3rd bottle of the Sarah Chapman Ultimate Cleanse Cleanser and I’m going to keep repurchasing this because it removes every single trace of makeup, leaves my skin feeling soft and smells so soothing. Another firm favourite.


It’s no surprise that I’ve finished the Missha BB Boomer and Missha Signature BB Cream because it’s my perfect makeup base combo! I luckily repurchased them both when I was in Hong Kong so I’m covered for a while!

That’s all for my February Empties! I actually surprised myself by managing to finish as many products as I did and have the 100 Day Spending Ban to thank for it.

So what products did you finish up in February?

Love Sophia xo


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