100 Day Spending Ban Week 4 and 5 Update

100 Day Spending Ban Week 4 and 5 Update

100 Day Spending Ban Week 4 and 5 Update

It’s official, it’s been 5 weeks (well, 35 days) since I started my spending ban! It’s gone a lot quicker than I imagined and in some ways I’m thankful, because I can’t wait to have the freedom to spend money again (in moderation that is). I’ve combined both last week and this week’s update as I didn’t post last weekend, so here’s my 100 Day Spending Ban Week 4 and 5 Update.

100 Day Spending Ban Week 4 and 5 Update 1

Last week was definitely a good week for me! I’d paid a visit to Boots which I haven’t done in a very long time, and while it was incredibly tempting I managed to resist buying anything (I’m grateful for the moral support I had!) I haven’t spent any money on products, makeup or otherwise since making my naughty purchases a few weekends ago.

However yesterday after popping into Forever 21 with my friend during an impromptu shopping trip, I came away with a new little skater dress #epicfail. It was only £10.50 but it was still money spent nonetheless which again is disappointing and I can only hope that I’m going to have much better self control during the remainder of my ban..

That means my total spending so far during my 100 Day Spending Ban is: £22.39 which to be honest isn’t as bad as I thought it would be but I do need some more motivation to get me through the next 9 weeks!

On the plus side I’ve been able to use up a lot more products than I normally would and even put together a February Empties post!

So how’s everyone getting on with their spending ban? Any tips for staying motivated?

Love Sophia xo


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