May Empties

May Empties

May Empties

So here we are again at the beginning of a new month. May seems to have flown by the quickest and I can’t believe now it’s June we’re half way through the year! Scary thoughts aside as it has been the end of a month that means new empties, so here are my May Empties.

May Empties 1

I finished my 100 Day Spending Ban on the 12th May, you can read my final update here and having not broken the cycle of using up products from my stash I’ve accumulated a fresh new batch of empties.

Bath and Body

May Empties 2

I picked up the Dove Go Fresh Body Wash in Nectarine and White Ginger a while ago and have only this month managed to finish it up! I’ve used Dove body washes in the past but always found them a little stripping for my skin and quite strongly scented. However the Nectarine and White Ginger body wash smelt amazing, more of nectarine than ginger though. The Go Fresh body wash was also much more moisturising, creamy and lathered up well. I would definitely repurchase!

Now deodorant is not a product which I’ve ever featured on my blog before but everyone uses it (at least I hope so!) I’ve been using Nivea deodorants for as long as I can remember and the Nivea Pure Invisible 48 hr deodorant is my favourite. I’m not a big fan of aerosol deodorants as I hate the cloud of spray which lingers just after application. Also I always worry that it’s not enough protection for the day. I much prefer roll ons, even though you do have to let it dry a little before wearing clothes but at least I don’t have to inhale the spray!

I can’t remember exactly when or where I got this Aveeno Daily Moisturising lotion sample (I imagine from a magazine) but it’s the best thing I’ve used, especially in this warmer weather. It’s fragrance free and despite its light consistency it is incredibly moisturising!


May Empties 3

I picked up the Schwarzkopf Crystal Shine Shampoo just a few weeks before the end of my spending ban (I had no shampoo or conditioner left so broke my ban in the name of hygiene!) It was newly launched and on offer at Boots and as I was in the market to try out a new shampoo I’m glad I gave it a go. The shampoo was pearlescent and gave my hair a really nice, healthy shine without any build up. I would definitely repurchase and I’ve noticed it’s on offer quite often which is a bonus!


May Empties 4

I went through quite a number of skincare products this month which I’m pleased about! 🙂

This is the 4th or 5th bottle of Sarah Chapman Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse cleanser that I’ve used up and I can’t wait to repurchase it again! If you’d like to read the full review of my holy grail cleanser click here.

The Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser has always been a sort of back up moisturiser rather than my go to, but during my spending ban I didn’t really have much choice. It’s light and gentle as per the packaging but it was not quite moisturising enough, especially on days when my skin was particularly dry. However it is definitely a product to go for if your skin is more on the normal side and perhaps if you’re just starting your skin care regime.

Ohh I never did get round to posting a review of the infamous Glamglow Super Mud Clearing Treatment mask but as I fully intend on getting a new jar I will share my thoughts on it then. However a brief overview of this mask is that I LOVE it and it really does exactly as it says on the tin. 😉

I’ve been using this Neal’s Yard Honey and Orange Scrub for the past year and am both pleased and surprised at how long this jar has lasted me. A little really does go a long way and leaves your skin silky soft after use as well as smelling delicious. The rice powder is not abrasive and still manages to remove the dead skin and reveal that lovely glowy new skin underneath! I wrote a full review of the Honey and Orange Scrub here if you’re interested in reading.

I’ve had the Queen Eye Restore Cream* for just under a year and am glad it saw me through the remainder of my spending ban before running out! I won’t be repurchasing though as it doesn’t target the area of concern around my eye area (for me it’s dark circles) but if you’re lucky and don’t suffer from dark circles this could be for you! I reviewed the product in full here.

The No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Serum* isn’t a product which I was particularly fond of as the consistency felt more like a primer than a serum. Don’t get me wrong it blends in very well but because of this I had to use a lot in order to cover my face as a pea sized amount just went nowhere.

Last but not least this Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream has got to be my absolute favourite from my May Empties! My skin has never felt so good when applying it. The cream was moisturising and non greasy and I loved how my skin looked when I woke up after using it at night. I really, REALLY want to buy a full sized jar but I’m not sure I can ignore the £80 price tag *sob*.

Phew and that’s it for my May Empties! 😀

What products did you use up in May?

Love Sophia xo


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