Sample Selection #1

Sample Selection #1

Sample Selection #1

Throughout January I have been considerably better at controlling my spending! Whilst I’m not on an any spending ban, I’ve decided to save a few pennies and use up samples which I’ve accumulated for some time and here’s what I’ve used up!

Sample Selection #1

Monu Professional Skincare Body Cream
This is quite a rich body cream with a light citrus scent and I found a little went a long way. It took a little longer to sink into my skin compared to other body creams/butters I’ve used before, but once absorbed my skin did feel considerably moisturised.

Como Shambhala Shower Gel
Aside from the minty fresh scent, I really didn’t like this shower gel! After each use I felt like my skin was getting drier and drier. Luckily it was only a small bottle though so I didn’t have to use it for long.

Kleenex Blotting Tissues
I haven’t actually used blotting tissues since secondary school which was when I found my skin to be particularly oily! This pack I received free in a magazine ages ago and having found them again after a rummage through my samples, I decided keep them in my handbag for those unexpected shiny moments. They’re fragrance free and I think they did incredibly well for absorbing excess oil. I’d definitely repurchase!

Marvis Classic Toothpaste
I do love a minty toothpaste, but initially this was much too overwhelming for me! The extra strong minty flavour felt like it was burning my mouth a little so I considered just not using it. However with some products you do have to give them a bit more time which I did and in the end I actually rather liked it! After brushing my mouth felt clean for quite a long while after so I was happy with the lasting freshness it gave me.

La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Solution
This gel/serum really wasn’t for me. After the first use it made my skin feel really sticky and I had to wipe over my face with a flannel remove the excess residue. My face did feel soft once the product had settled, but after a few uses I didn’t see any other improvements and the overall application experience itself isn’t making me want to rush out and buy it any time soon. Considering this is a luxury brand I was actually quite disappointed. I’m glad that most brands now give you a chance to sample their products before buying because most of the time they’re so expensive, and I wouldn’t want to fork out for something that doesn’t work for me.

Dr Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliant
This scrub didn’t smell very nice and I thought it felt quite abrasive on the skin so as per the instructions you only have to rub into the skin very gently. It took about 2 sessions of using this before I noticed the dry patches on my face had improved and felt much smoother. I have another sample to use up first but I would definitely consider buying it in future!

And that’s it for all the samples I’ve used up this month! I feel like I’ve not made a bad start in using up all the tiny bottles and sachets I’ve been hoarding! 🙂 More samples coming up next month!

Have you tried any of the samples I mentioned? What samples did you use up this month?

Love Sophia xo


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