Dr Renaud Raspberry Soft Mask Review

Dr Renaud Raspberry Soft Mask Review 3

Dr Renaud Raspberry Soft Mask Review

Face masks have never been really much of an intrest to me before, but after trying out a few sample ones that I’d either got from a beauty box or bought on a whim I’ve discovered a new found fondness for them! I’m trying to make a conscious effort to pamper my skin at least once a week with various different masks to rejuvenate skin and give my complexion a boost. One of my favourites so far has been the Dr Renaud Raspberry Soft Mask* and here’s why!

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The Raspberry Soft Mask* is a gentle mask made up of rasberry extract and raspberry butter along with a combination of 8 hydrating plant extracts. This unique formula is enriched in “Docteur Renaud Phyto-Endorphins, a plant complex that sends an immediate message of well-being for visibly relaxed and radiant skin.”The mask comes in a handy squeezable tube which is not only hygienic because you don’t have to keep dipping your fingers in, but also I find it’s better for controlling the amount you apply.

Dr Renaud Raspberry Soft Mask Review 3

To apply I use my fingers and slather on a generous layer, enough to cover my entire face. As per the instructions I leave the mask on for 10 minutes, wash off thoroughly with warm water and then pat dry. The smell of the Raspberry Soft Mask is unbelievably delicious and with its yoghurty texture it looks sooo appetising! Products with fruity scents are my favourite types of product to use! 🙂

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Once I’ve rinsed the mask off, my skin feels so clean and soft which is exactly what I hoped it would achieve! I also noticed that my face stays hydrated over the next few days after use and has a healthier glow to it!

The Dr Renaud Raspberry Soft Mask is £19.45 and is suitable for all skin types, available directly on the Dr Renaud website. I think the price is pretty reasonable considering how much product you get and also the results! 

Have you tried any Dr Renaud products before?

Love Sophia xo



  1. 12 February, 2013 / 8:41 pm

    Face masks are my favourite product when it comes to skin care. It makes such a difference and I love it when I take it off and my skin is glowing. This product sounds lovely and the scent must be soooo nice. xx

    • Sophia
      13 February, 2013 / 6:53 pm

      I’m really starting to see the benefits of using face masks now! 🙂 just wish I started using them earlier lol. Do you have a favourite mask(s) that you use regularly? Any that you recommend? 🙂 xx

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