Lets Go False Eyelashes Review

Lets Go False Eyelashes Review 1

Lets Go False Eyelashes Review

As you may have noticed from my reviews on mascaras, my eye lashes are pretty short, straight and sparse. I long for bodacious, luscious lashes and am still on the quest for that miracle product. Until that day comes I like to wear falsies to give my lashes that much need oomph! I received these Let’s Go Lashes in May’s GlossyBox – The Anniversary Box and because I’m headed to TOWIB (The Only Way Is Blogging event) on Saturday, I thought I’d whip them out in preparation!

Lets Go False Eyelashes Review 1

Lets Go False Eyelashes Review 2

Despite wanting volume and length for my lashes I do tend to choose the most natural looking styles, so when I saw these Let’s Go Lashes I was a bit apprehensive. I received ‘Striplash Temptress 3’ which are very full but much lengthier than my usual choices. Nevertheless I thought I’d give them the benefit of the doubt and try them out anyway , and I was actually pleasantly surprised!

Lets Go False Eyelashes Review 3

Lets Go False Eyelashes Review 4

I love the volume these false lashes give to my own ones but the length takes some getting used to. As my eyes are quite small I had to trim the lashes down to size so I did lose a bit off the ends, but I don’t feel like it changed the overall look achieved.

Lets Go False Eyelashes Review 5

Lets Go False Eyelashes Review 6

Lets Go False Eyelashes Review 7

Let’s Go Lashes are made from 100% human hair and I’ve heard they’re meant be softer, but I thought they felt about the same as my other lashes. I’m really not keen on the band for the lashes as I find it’s quite noticeable and sort of gives it away that you’re wearing falsies  because of the white strip.. However good points are they’re light and comfortable to wear, and I didn’t experience any irritation.

These lashes are retailing at around £8.95 per pair which I consider mid range and reasonably priced as you can get a good few wears out of them. Eyelash glue does come included which is handy if you’re out and about as you can just pop it into your makeup bag (in case of any emergencies!) There’s a fairly wide variety of styles to choose from too so you can go for pretty much any look you like!

So do you like wearing false eyelashes? Have you tried any from the Let’s Go Lashes range?

Love Sophia xo




  1. 18 June, 2012 / 11:48 am

    I just got these lashes in my Shesaidbeauty box this month! I definitely need to practice applying them!

    Kate x

    • Sophia
      19 June, 2012 / 12:05 am

      Oh cool! Were they the exact same ones? Yeah they are a little fiddly at first – practice does make perfect! 🙂 How was your trip to Berlin btw? x

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