Week In Instagrams 6

Week In Instagrams 6

Week In Instagrams 6

It’s been a few weeks since I last did an Instagram post, I certainly have my quiet moments when it comes to taking photos! However I did manage to take a few pics this week and thought I’d share them with you! I really must remember to use Instagram more ­čÖé

Week In Instagrams 6

1. Galaxy Bites – First time trying them, not a huge fan!

Week In Instagrams 6.1

2. The new Macbook Pro – Currently lusting after this baby BIG TIME.

Week In Instagrams 6.2

3. Lovely blue sky and sunshine – Something we hadn’t seen for a few weeks by this point!

Week In Instagrams 6.3

4.┬á┬áKiiroitori duck ┬á– Got this little guy when I was in HK last summer. My boyfriend found him after a┬átidy up. ­čÖé

Week In Instagrams 6.4

5. Beef and Dao Xiao Mian (Knife Shaved Noodles)┬áSoup Noodles ┬á– Loving noodles right now. Nom.

Week In Instagrams 6.5

6. Prawn and Vegetable Dumplings – From the local Korean restaurant.

Week In Instagrams 6.6

7. Squid and Chilli sauce – Again from the local Korean place. ­čÖé

Week In Instagrams 6.7

8. Lychee┬áflavoured┬áRubicon – New favourite flavour!

Week In Instagrams 6.8

9. L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick and Miss Candy Glam Shine Lipgloss – Found these in my bag on my way home from London!

Week In Instagrams 6.9

Well that sums up yet another week! I always end up posting more photos of food than I do anything else but I will try and vary the photos a bit more for future posts!

If you would like to follow me on Instagram, my username is @BeautyInMyMind. ­čÖé Please do leave me a comment with your username too if you’re an Instagrammer!

Love Sophia xo


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