Muji Tin Candle Review

Muji Tin Candle Review 1

Muji Tin Candle Review

Hello everyone!

Here’s another new post for you all. This Muji Tin Candle is something I picked up while I was in London over New Years and I just wanted to share my thoughts with you! =) The candle I picked up is in Elderflower Champagne.

Muji Tin Candle Review 1

To be honest, I actually almost missed these candles! They were right near the entrance of the door but I didn’t notice them when I entered. However the yummy scents really hit me as I leaving, so there was no way I could ignore that!

Muji Tin Candle Review 2

Muji Tin Candle Review 3

So now the candles have my full attention, naturally I smell each one in turn to decide which one is going to be coming home with me! In this case, Elderflower Champagne is the winner! The smell of this is undeniable lovely. ♥ It’s fairly floral which you would expect from Elderflower. I’m not sure what Champagne smells like so I can’t really say if I can pick up the scent! While you’re burning the candle it slowly fills the room with a soft aroma which reminds me very much of walking through fields of flowers in Spring (bit like how Bella and Edward do in Twilight). I feel really warm and comforted by the fragrance and I only wish I could burn it all day long so the smell remains permanently embedded in my room! It does burn quite slowly so it will last you a little while before you run out =)

Muji Tin Candle Review 4

These little delights are £3.50 a tin and they come in a wide range of fragrances! My next ones to try will definitely be Mango (they were sold out, but another customer highly recommended it) and Caramel (smell was so delicious I could eat it!) These would make great little gifts as well, and stocking fillers – if you like to plan ahead =)

I hope you all enjoyed my Muji Tin Candle Review!

Take care everyone

Love Sophia xo

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  1. 20 January, 2012 / 11:15 am

    this sounds amazing! I want one! x

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