New Years Resolutions 2012

New Years Resolutions 2012

New Years Resolutions 2012

Hi everyone!

First post of this week! Since the new year is getting into full swing, I just wanted to quickly share with you my New Years Resolutions 2012! =)

Honestly, I’ve made many New Years Resolutions in my time.. I’m always really eager to stick to them at first, but they gradually phase out and I’m lost! (Hands up who’s guilty?)

However, this year is going to be the year for me. I’m going to work hard, achieve all the things I wanna achieve and of course stick to these resolutions =)

Ok, so let’s start! This year I want to…

1. Try more new things – I like to think I do abide by this, but at the same time I don’t think I’m trying hard enough. I need to take more chances and opportunities that come my way, and learn not to be scared. I need to break out of my comfort zone and stop sticking to safe options. This way I will grow as a person and I will have the self-confidence to believe in me.

2. Make more time for my Blog – I’m going to spend more time writing posts each week, trying to bring you as much new and exciting content as I can. I also hope to make my debut on YouTube! I’ve definitely thought about it on numerous occasions and certainly want to get under way in starting this ball rolling. =) Thank you to all my loyal readers for your support since I started my journey. I’m going to work hard and give you all that I’ve got! ♥

3. Take each day as it comes – I’m going to make the most of each and every day and not over complicate it with unnecessary plans. Where’s the spontaneity if I’m constantly planning? Definitely going to take a more chilled out approach to certain aspects of my life. Life’s too short to worry all the time.

And there we have it! My New Years Resolutions 2012! =)

I’ll keep you updated on my progress, but hopefully you will see my efforts through each new post. ♥

I wish everyone the best for 2012!

Love Sophia xo

 New Years Resolutions 2012

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