Home Interiors Inspiration On Pinterest

Home Interiors Inspiration On Pinterest

I first came across Pinterest back in 2012 and after initially being taken in by the ease at which you can create boards and share photos I was soon hooked. However as time went on I did end up neglecting my account for a while, but recently I’ve rekindled my love for the popular photo pinning platform. I have been on the hunt for some Home Interiors Inspiration and Pinterest seemed the perfect place to look, and I couldn’t be more right!

We moved into our current flat around 3 months ago and realised it has lots of potential to be a cosy little home, so I’ve been browsing Pinterest tirelessly for inspiration. I never really felt comfortable in our previous flat so didn’t have any interest in doing it up, but this time I’m determined to put our own little stamp on the place.

I know it’s a bit of a trend at the moment, but I too am in love with the Scandi/Nordic theme. My usual taste tends to be on the simple, minimalist side anyway so it was no surprise I was instantly drawn to the cosy and clean images.

Here are some of my favourites.

Home Interiors Inspiration On Pinterest 10

(Top Row, Source: here, here and here)
(Middle Row, Source: here, here and here)
(Bottom Row, Source: here, here and here)

Now I believe the decor of any of these rooms is achievable (funds permitting), however for me it looks to be a patient process! I have already found a few bits and pieces which I like the look of and other things you can actually make yourself. Pinterest has a category dedicated to DIY, but I think that’s for another post after I’ve investigated more!

If you’re on Pinterest too, let me know what your username is in a comment below and I’ll follow you! My username is: BeautyInMyMind 🙂

Where do you find your home interiors inspiration?

Love Sophia xo

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