Viet Food Restaurant Review

Viet Food Restaurant Review

Viet Food Restaurant Review

I know my blog has always been about beauty, but lately I’ve been feeling inspired to branch out and incorporate dfiferent types of content including food and drink reviews (which you may have already seen from my Happy Lemon review here).

I enjoy sampling food from all over the world and this review takes us to a bustling Vietnamese restaurant by the name of Viet Food.

Viet Food 1

Viet Food 2

Tucked away on the corner of Chinatown (opposite the legendary Wong Kei), Viet Food is composed of a two storey restaurant with rustic exterior and lively atmosphere. My boyfriend and I happened upon the restaurant around 7ish and we able to get a table within 15-20 mins without having a reservation which I thought was a reasonable waiting time.

Viet Food 16

Viet Food 17

When our table was ready, we were lead upstairs to the second floor and into a cosy room which although dimly lit with some gorgeous low hanging lamps was also bright enough to get plenty of food snaps, because let’s face it, we’re a generation who love documenting the food that we eat!

Viet Food 6

Before we get into the food, I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate the service we received on the night. Not only were the waitresses friendly, but they were attentive, replacing dirtied places with new ones in between dishes as well as making sure we had enough drinks/water for the table throughout our meal.

Viet Food 4

Now let’s talk FOOD. If you take a look at the photos, the food was as good as it looked!

For the starters, the waitress recommended getting 2-3 plates to share as the mains were quite a healthy serving (she wasn’t joking!) so we settled on the chargrilled glazed lemongrass chicken wings, morning glory stir-fry with preserved shrimp paste, smoked spice quail and the crispy coconut calamari with sweet chilli herb sauce. My personal favourite of the lot was the calamari. I think they may have used desiccated coconut in the batter but whatever it was gave the squid an exotic touch which went down a treat as I’m a big fan of coconut!

Viet Food 7

Viet Food 8

Viet Food 9

Viet Food 10

After devouring the four plates, we then received our mains which were the lamb chop hanoi style, home-style fried rice with Vietnamese sausage and prawns in King soy sauce, Grilled Pork rib’s with bacon in “DO AN” sauce and last but not least we got the Pho Chin (slow cooked marbled beef). The mains were served in generous portions and like typical flavours of Vietnamese food had a sweet and sourness to it which is the type of food flavours that I enjoy. My favourite was the Pho Chin with its tender beef slices and silky noodles, enveloped in a clear savoury broth with flavours of lemon grass and a hint of coriander (which I stand by as being the devil’s herb, but a sprinkling in this dish really worked!)

Viet Food 11

Viet Food 12

Viet Food 13

Viet Food 14

Finally, dessert. Now I know what you’re probably thinking “how did you manage dessert after all that food?” Well I’m not sure either, but somehow we did and to polish everything off we had a bowl of pandan sago with banana.

Viet Food 15

Between myself and my boyfriend we ordered 9 dishes and 2 rounds of tea and the total including service came to around £70.

So if you’re looking for some feel good Vietnamese cuisine with efficient service then I’d highly recommend popping in to Viet Food; you won’t be disappointed!

Have you tried Viet Food? What’s your current favourite restaurant?

Love Sophia xo


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    Wow..they look delicious!!! I am hungry…In BTW, great pics!

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