Balmi Lip Balm Review

Balmi Lip Balm Review 1

Balmi Lip Balm Review

Lip balm is my makeup bag staple, more so now that it’s winter! I got this Balmi Lip Balm in Blackcurrant in my September Jolie Box and have recently put it to some good use!

Balmi Lip Balm Review 1

Balmi Lip Balm Review 2

The Balmi Lip Balms come in a rubbery spherical ball shape and you can attach it to your keys too! It’s a bit strange to apply at first because of the shape, but you soon get used to it. Balmi’s look so similar, almost identical to the EOS lip balms but the advantage is that it’s readily available in the UK and contains SPF 15 across the whole range of lip balms.

Balmi’s smell so yummy too, like Frutella sweets (if anyone is familiar with those?) and it takes some will power not to eat it instead! The texture isn’t waxy, glides on smoothly and leaves a slight glossy finish.

Balmi Lip Balm Review 3

Balmi Lip Balm Review 4

Overall I’m generally pleased with this Balmi Lip Balm! It’s a change from my Burt’s Bees one but it keeps my lips moisturised throughout the day, has a nice sheen and smells incredibly delicious too! What’s not to love?

You can buy Balmi Lip balms from Boots and I believe they are also stocked in Mountain Warehouse for £4.99 each.

Have you tried Balmi Lip Balms? Are they much different to the EOS ones?

Love Sophia xo



  1. 24 November, 2012 / 9:58 pm

    o.o i love packages that look like this. Eos was the first to come up with it i think and it’s so nifty! XD makes me want to buy it. i’ve always wondered why there was sunscreen in lip balms though O_o i’ve never had sunburnt lips *random*

    • Sophia
      27 November, 2012 / 4:43 pm

      The packaging is definitely one of the fun parts of using this lip balm! 🙂 I think our lips are just as easily prone to sun damage than any other part of our face/body, so even though they don’t appear sunburnt it’s good to use protection. Having SPF definitely helps and at least it doesn’t taste like sunscreen though! x

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