Week In Instagrams 3


Week In Instagrams 3


How are you all? I hope you’re having a good weekend (even though the weather has been atrocious!). I had a quiet one this weekend as I’m trying to recover from a hideous cold that I caught last week. Seems like I am getting better though as I can actually breathe through my nose again, yay!

My week in Instagrams this week are just photos which I snapped here and there whilst at home! 🙂


1. The Body Shop Lip Balm in ‘Sweet Lemon’

Week-In-Instagrams 1

2. My Domo notebook for scribbling down blog thoughts

Week-In-Instagrams 2

3. The Windows Key fell off my Lenovo ThinkPad – It’s not even a year old! Disappointed 🙁

Week-In-Instagrams 3

4. Tapas for Tea with my friend Jamie (unintentional rhyming there) 🙂

Week-In-Instagrams 4

5. Tapas part II

Week-In-Instagrams 5

6. Glossybox April – Review coming up soon!

Week-In-Instagrams 6

7. I featured on Bloggers.com Editors’ Picks of The Day – so so chuffed! 😀 My username is: beautyinmymind

Week-In-Instagrams 7

8. Painting my nails featuring my new nail polish, Topshop Waterlily ♥

Week-In-Instagrams 8

9. Changed my mind about the Revlon Mint and opted for Models Own Ibiza Mix instead

Week-In-Instagrams 9

10. Midnight craving for ice cream – Magnum Almond, nom!

Week-In-Instagrams 10

11. Mantou (Chinese steamed bun) for lunch – one of my fave foods of all time! ^_^

Week-In-Instagrams 11

12. Chicken and Vegetable Cup a Soup

Week-In-Instagrams 12

That’s a wrap folks! As always, I hope you liked my photos! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 🙂

Love Sophia xo


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