Skin Care Series: Masks and Treatments

Skin Care Series: Masks and Treatments

Skin Care Series: Masks and Treatments

If I had to put a finger on one aspect of my skin care routine that I enjoy the most, it would have to be masks and treatments. In this final part of my Skin Care Series: Masks and Treatments, I’m going to talk you through my routine and some of my favourite products!

Skin Care Series Masks and Treatments 1

After fully cleansing and exfoliating my face (I exfoliate once a week) I like to treat my skin to a good mask. I alternate between a seaweed mask, cream mask or sheet mask depending on how much time I have or even the weather!

Skin Care Series Masks and Treatments 2

After exfoliating I like to take a good look at my skin and see what it needs. When my skin is looking slightly dull or my pores look particularly prominent, I’ll go straight in for the Algenist Algae Brightening Mask. This mask does wonders for giving skin back the glow that sometimes it may lack after a long week’s work!

Skin Care Series Masks and Treatments 3

Skin Care Series Masks and Treatments 4

On days when my skin might be on the drier side I go for a cream mask because it’s less stripping and generally more moisturising. This Dr Renaud Raspberry Soft Mask, smells incredible, almost good enough to eat (although I wouldn’t recommend it!)

When I feel a little bit more pressed for time I just put on a sheet mask. Sheet masks are particularly popular in Asia, however I’m starting to see more and more sheet masks here in the UK. They come as an individual sheet in the packet and they’re drenched with a serum which is not only cooling for the skin but most of them do not require rinsing off (perfect for lazy people like me!) Also when the weather is warmer, these sheet masks are particularly refreshing which is also why I prefer them a lot more in summer.

Skin Care Series Masks and Treatments 5

Finally for spot treatments, the only product I use is the Origins Super Spot Remover. When you feel a spot on its way, dab a tiny bit of the Super Spot Remover on the area before bed and by morning, it’s already subsided! It is honestly a life saver especially if I have a date or a presentation coming up and I want my face to look clear and at its best.

And that’s it for my Skin Care Series! If you missed parts one and part two I’ve linked them here and here.

I hope you’ve found my routine helpful and it has introduced you to products you may not have come across before. 🙂

So what’s your current pamper routine like? Are there any products you recommend?

Love Sophia xo


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