100 Day Spending Ban Week 6 Update

100 Day Spending Ban Week 6 Update

100 Day Spending Ban Week 6 Update

So I’ve managed to make it to the 6th week of my 100 Day Spending Ban, woo! While I’ve made it this far I’m definitely starting to need some more encouragement, but for now here’s a little update on my progress this week.

100 Day Spending Ban Week 6 Update

I must admit the weeks are definitely starting to get harder. I’ve recently been watching a lot more YouTube videos and Instagramming quite a bit, and what with being exposed to yet more beauty and fashion it definitely makes me want to spend money!

Fortunately enough for me I haven’t been anywhere near any shops and I’ve been keeping myself busy with work in a bid to avoid online shopping.

It’s hard but I know I can do this, especially after my 2 lapses in recent weeks *hangs head in shame*.

That’s all for this week’s update!

Leave me a comment below about your progress if you’re on the ban too.

See you next week 🙂

Love Sophia xo


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