Skin Care Favourites 2014

Skin Care Favourites 2014

Skin Care Favourites 2014

Following on from my Makeup Favourites 2014 post, as promised I’m doing a Skin Care Favourites 2014 where you can see what skincare products I’ve been loving throughout the year 2014.

Skin Care Favourites 2014 1

Skin Care Favourites 2014 2

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse
This is a favourite which dates back to 2013 when I purchased my first bottle, and I’ve never looked back. This really is my HG cleanser. It takes off all my makeup and leaves my skin baby soft afterwards, not to mention it’s helped to balance my skin so it’s more normal.

Skin Care Favourites 2014 3

Philosophy Purity Cleanser
This was one of the first skin care products I wrote about back in 2011 and I remain a loyal fan even now. I use this as a morning cleanser as it’s gentle with a light foaming action which cleans and refreshes my skin. I don’t tend to go for cleansers that foam as they often dry my skin out but I can honestly say that this has never happened with the Purity cleanser.

Skin Care Favourites 2014 5

Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense Hydrating Cream
I’ve been using this Frankincense Hydrating Cream for only a few months but I know it’s going to be a product I’ll repurchase. I tend to use this as a night time moisturiser and the tiniest amount goes a lot way. It’s also been amazing at combating winter dryness and keeps dry patches at bay.

Skin Care Favourites 2014 4

Neal’s Yard Remedies Honey & Orange Facial Scrub
This is the only face scrub that I use. It smells amazing and exfoliates without drying or irritating my skin. Instead it gives my complexion a great boost and my skin could not feel softer after use. Definitely a pamper time essential of mine!

Skin Care Favourites 2014 6

Innisfree The Green Tea Essential Seed Serum
This is a lightweight serum which soothes and hydrates without feeling sticky. I use it as part of my Innisfree Daytime Skin Care Routine (post to come soon) as well as in the evening before my moisturiser. Like with a lot of good skin care products a small amount goes a long way so despite having already used it around 6 months I’ve still got enough to last me a good number of months more.

And that’s it for my Skin Care Favourites 2014! You’ll probably recognise a few things because being a creature of habit I tend to reach for the same products a lot, but since they’ve featured again it just shows how much I like them and highly recommend them.

What were your favourite skin care products of 2014?

Love Sophia xo


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