10 Things I’ve Learnt Since Commuting

10 Things I’ve Learnt Since Commuting

10 Things I’ve Learnt Since Commuting

Oh hey there, me again! Long time no blog… Sorry about that! Life and work pretty much took over and you know what else, my evenings are a lot shorter now because I’ve been having to commute to work. It’s always been easy for me to get to work so I didn’t realise how much time I would lose through commuting but I’ve picked up some tips to make it easier.

10 Things I've Learnt Since Commuting

Create a good playlist
Music is very important to me when I’m commuting and my mood does depend upon my playlist not to mention I like drowning out the sound of, well, the tube. Take time to choose your songs or take advantage of Spotify/Apple Music recommended playlists and start your day the right way.

Bring something to read
Depending on the length of your commute and how much space you’ve actually got to read, it’s always nice to have a magazine or book to hand. Most tube stations give out free magazines daily, personal favourites are Tuesdays – Time Out and Wednesdays – Stylist. Not only does it make your journey seem so much quicker but you can also find out about the newest restaurants or the latest fashion trends in a few pages. Or invest in a Kindle and have the latest bestsellers right at your fingertips!

Buy some hand sanitiser
I’ve seen things that I wish I could unsee so if there is honestly one thing I could recommend to anyone it would have to be, carry hand sanitiser in your bag at all times…

Keep those layers light and easily removed
Whilst it may be cold outside as you’re walking to the station, down in the underground it instantly becomes a furnace so either keep your layers light – I’ve normally got 2 on including my jacket or make sure that jumper or coat is easily removed during your journey because believe me, you’ll end up getting a sweat on.

Clothes with pockets are a lifesaver
I mean, who doesn’t love pockets? You can put your phone, keys in them but most importantly your oyster card and it makes your entrance and exit that much smoother – not to mention your fellow commuters will appreciate it!

Invest in a backpack
Having a backpack means you can keep your hands free! It means you can read that book AND hold onto the rail, carry your laptop – endless possibilities all from putting things in a bag that goes on your back! Make sure it is secure though when you’re on the tube or better yet if you can, swing it in front of you to keep it safe BUT if you happen to have a rather humongous bag, please just take it off. It could mean an extra person getting on the tube or better yet small people like me don’t need to inhale your bag.

Trainers are not just for the gym
Since I started commuting all I want to do is wear trainers. Not only can you walk soooo much quicker but you can also take 2 steps at a time when going up the stairs or walk up the escalator without your legs giving way. Also they’re much more comfortable. Who needs heeled shoes and boots when you can have a pair of trainers in your life.

Download travel apps
Citymapper and Tube Exits have made my life so much easier. With most tube stations having wifi accessibility you can find out when your next tube will be or which carriage to get on at so you get off right outside the station’s exit or the entrance to the next tube line you need. It’s shaving minutes off my journey and means you can battle less of a crowd if you get off at the right spot.

Walk on the left 
During rush hour I prefer to just walk up the escalators. It gives your legs a great work out and just saves those precious minutes. One thing that does frustrate me though is when people stand on the left. Pretty sure everyone knows the golden rule by now but it still happens. For the sake of my sanity as well as most other people, please think before you stand.

Think happy thoughts and breathe
Finally the most important thing I’ve learnt is to think happy thoughts and breathe, a lot. Not sure how I would get to work and back if I didn’t have something happy to think about or at least a focus. Breathing deeply has really helped with commuter rage and I go into work happier than when I started my journey.

So those are the 10 things I’ve learnt since commuting!

What are you tips on how to get through a typical commuting day?

Love Sophia xo


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