Selexir Peace Balm Review

Selexir Peace Balm Review 1

Selexir Peace Balm Review

Having suffered eczema from childhood, I can fully understand how frustrating it is to have dry and irritated skin. Fortunately my eczema is much more at bay these days and I only really have flare ups every now and then, which is what I experienced after coming back from my recent holiday. Despite having a fantastic time, I don’t think the sun and the heat helped matters much, so it was lucky I remembered the Selexir Peace Balm.

Selexir Peace Balm Review 1

I was sent the Selexir Peace Balm* quite a while ago, but my skin hadn’t really got to a point where it was itching excessively or was particularly uncomfortable, so I haven’t used it until now!

First up, my thoughts about the packaging! I love the simplistic design on the tube and the white background with blue and black detailing. It catches your eye but isn’t distracting.

The Selexir Peace Balm aims to relieve:

  • Extreme Dryness
  • Mild to moderate Eczema
  • Puffiness
  • Irritation
  • Sensitivity
  • Reactivity to cold weather/dry air

The Peace Balm is a pale olive salve with a rich, medium thickness consistency and a herby like smell, which will be from the all natural ingredients (including Blackcurrant Seed Oil and Black Cumin Seed Oil). At first I thought I smelled like a garden, but the scent doesn’t linger for long and after a few uses I soon got used to it.

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Selexir Peace Balm Review 5

Selexir Peace Balm Review

I apply the balm to the inflamed area which helped to sooth it and relieve redness, and after a while I almost forgot that I had it was irritating me in the first place! Despite this though I reapplied a few more times before I was satisfied with the results.

Selexir Peace Balm Review 2

The Selexir Peace Balm is:

• Dermatologically tested
• Packed with powerful natural ingredients
• Free from parabens, paraffin, silicones and petroleum
• Safe for adults and children

I’ve tried a lot of creams before which were prescribed by the doctor and these included a wide range of strong, pharmaceutical ingredients which meant I could not apply too often despite the area being very itchy and sore. It’s a relief that the Selexir Peace Balm gives the option of reapplying as and when you need to because there are no harmful ingredients.

The Selexir Peace Balm 75ml tube is £99.60 including VAT and comes with free shipping, but is currently only available on the Selexir website. The price is a huge drawback I know, however Elena Herdieckerhoff, the founder of Selexir who developed an extremely dry skin condition herself has put a lot of thought into creating this product for adults and children who suffer from skin conditions. It’s free from all the nasties too, so it is an investment worth considering!

Selexir Peace Balm Review



  1. nick
    29 December, 2012 / 5:34 pm

    I gave up all dairy produce, everything, and my virulent eczema that i ahve had for over a decade disappeared! No creams required. after 6 months I ate a lot of cheese over xmas, and hey presto back it came with a vengeance. It maybe some other product for you – the thing you like the most probably – but dairy is so unnatural for us, particularly as the cows are stuffed full of hormones to stimulate the production of milk. eczema is an over production of cells, it creates the irritation because of this overproduction – so my dermatologist told me. Anyway worth a go. I assure you.

    • Sophia
      1 January, 2013 / 11:15 pm

      Hi Nick, thank you for your insight on this topic! I hadn’t really thought about the fact that eczema can be triggered by dairy products. I normally just put mine down to stress and anxiety but it seems like I should maybe look more deeply into my eating habits instead. Thanks again for the great comment. 🙂

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